In March 2018, during my 4-month trip to South America, I had the opportunity to visit an international cooperation project supported by the Progettoomondo Mlal, an NGO in Verona. Accompanied by Oscar, Hernan and Chipu, I was able to get to know the Quechua communities of Yuraj Caksa in the Potosì Department and to discover how llama wool is collected, processed and made into a final product for sale. In a globalized world where most of the llama and alpaca hats and sweaters that any tourist visiting Bolivia or Peru buys as a souvenir is produced and imported from China, there are also many small communities in which they seek to enhance local production, to support the development of the Quechua villages that do not have many other resources than farming and land and for which access to basic studies and services is not at all obvious.