I love to travel and to take pictures. My first big journey has been an adventure in Central America when I was 18, through Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. In my hand a 2MP digital camera. From that journey I realized that I would have spent my free time and my savings for this: travelling and living experiences, capturing the moments. And this is how I lived for many years: after my degree in communication, I worked in front of a computer for important multinationals, in the marketing sector, with my thoughts always wandering to my next trip.

In 2017 a sudden and severe change became an opportunity. The multinational company I was working for decided to shut down the Italian branch: everybody was sent back home. So I've decided to leave for my big dream: Chile, Bolivia and Peru with my backpack and my reflex. I came back full of life and new projects, those that you can find on this website, along with my new profession, the photographer. I've achieved all this with commitment and dedication, a lot of practice and, most of all, a great deal of heart.

Photography at a professional level requires strong technical basis and a lot of study; but I'm now more than ever sure that photography needs to convey a meaning and strike a chord. If you don't shoot with your heart, you'll never be able to convey a unique, personal and strong message to people. If you don't tell a story, an emotion, your photography will never be able to communicate intimately with your audience.

This is for me the greatest responsibility of the photographer. Among my projects there are a lot of journeys and outdoor photographic experiences. I would like to give the people the chance to live these experiences, regardless of their photographic level and, above all, regardless of the device possessed. We live in a connected and digital world, where images and videos invade our life. A lot of us have beautiful stories to tell, even just to our friends. I'd like to give you the tools to do this in a pleasant and strongly communicative way; but remember, you're the ones who put your heart in this, always!