Hello, my name is Simo Cocco, I'm and outdoor and travel professional photographer from Turin, Italy.

I organize trips, outdoor adventures and photographic experiences. Anyone can participate, with his smartphone or his camera: the goal is to let people live authentic and unique experiences! I will simply help to come back home with beautiful photographs to share with your friends in the social networks and print!

Discover a new way to travel and experience the outdoor world! Through simple photographic experiences, designed to be fun and useful for everyone, you will experience unique adventures, in the company of other people and in magnificent places.


Leave with me for South America, for Nepal or discover the wonderful landscapes of the most beautiful peninsula in the world: Italy!

La Cordillera Huayhuash

Leave with me for an unforgettable travel experience. Together we will take pictures of the wonderful Cordillera Huayhuash's landscapes, in Peru, along one of the most beautiful trekking routes in the world.



Join one of my photographic hikings, the perfect experience for those who want to stay in touch with Nature and learn how to improve their photos!



The most spectacular trek in the Himalayas to discover Everest Base Camp: the three passes of Everest, between the valleys of Khumbu and the highest mountains on the planet.



A unique sail boat trip experience, discovering the Ligurian eastern coast, amongst photography, sailing experiences, hikings through the Cinque Terre, the local culture and cuisine!


An adventure to discover the most incredible landscapes of South America: the Lauca National Park in the Grande Norte of Chile, the Salar de Uyuni and the Atacama desert! My big travel dream.


Ande peruviane

At times, I like to tell stories also through my words, joined together with the images. In this blog you'll find the stories of my journeys and of my photographic experiences.




Turin, Italy

Email: simo.cocco@live.it  

Phone and WhatsApp: +39 347 0567891